Technical specifications: Mørch DP-6/DP-8/UP-4

Construction: Radial arm with interchangeable armtubes.
Bearing principle: DP-6 and DP-8: Dual bearing
UP-4: Unipivot.
Effective mass of complete tonearm with armtube:
Light (green):
Medium (red):
Heavy (blue):
All armtubes can be used with all models.
4 g
7.5 g
14 g
Fundamental resonance (depending on armtube): 8 - 14 Hz (for DP-8 N/A for the horizontal mode of motion)
Bias compensation: Watch spring with string - adjustable while playing.
Azimuth: Azimuth is adjustable for correct channel separation.
Cueing mechanism: Piston in U-pipe, damped with silicone fluid.
Distance between pivot and center of turnable platter: 9" tube: 212 mm (8 3/8")
12" tube: 294 mm (11 9/16")
Overhang: 9" tube: 18 mm (11/16")
12" tube: 13.3 mm (1/2")
Effective length: 9" tube: 230 mm (9 1/16")
12" tube: 307.4 mm (12 1/8")
Diameter of hole for mounting arm base: 20 mm (13/16")
Rear overhang from pivot: 70 mm (2 3/4")
Offset angle: 24 degrees.
Lateral tracking error: 0 degrees at 66 mm and 120.9 mm from center of record.
Pivot point: Pivot point is in level with the record surface.
Bearing Friction: Bearing friction less than 0.04 mN in all directions.
Balancing: Four (4) different balancing weights.
Internal wiring: 19 strands of ultra pure silver insulated with Teflon.
Capacitance per channel: 28pF for all models.
Tonearm Cord: Balanced. Extremely purified copper strands that are heavily silver coated. Halogen free insulation.
Moerch tonearm connector with Cardas RCA connectors.
Capacitance per channel: 100pF.
Terminals: All terminals throughout the arm are gold plated.
Bearing concept of model DP-6 and DP-8: One internally damped, precision ball-bearing assembly for the horizontal mode of motion.
Two pivoted sapphire bearings for the vertical mode of motion.
Bearing concept of model UP-4: Hardened steel pivot resting on a concave sapphire, and damped for all motions with silicone fluid.
DP-6 and DP-8 finish: 24 carat GOLD or CHROME.
UP-4 finish: CHROME or at special order GOLD.
Weight of DP-8 arm base w/sideweights w/o counterweights and cord: 580 g
Weight of DP-6 arm base w/armbush w/o weights and cord: 280 g
Weight of UP-4 arm base w/armbush w/o weights and cord: 240 g
Weight of a set of counterweights: 120 g

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Moerch DP-8/DP-6/UP-4 Patents: United States No. 4,257,615, United Kingdom No- GB 2 035 656 B