Model UP-4 incorporates a special concept of the unipivot principle. The bearing consist of a hardened steel pivot resting in a concave, polished sapphire. The bearing is damped in all directions with silicone fluid. The low positioning of the bearing provides for a greater stability compared to other unipivot arms, since a considerable part of the moveable mass of the arm is positioned above the pivot point.

With the model UP-4 the azimuth adjustment is made by the way of the counterweights.

Vertical cross section of model UP-4 through pivot and sapphire.

Supplied in CHROME- or 24 carat GOLD finish and at speciel orders also in BLACK.
The armtube plating being made without the use of magnetic materials.

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Moerch DP-8/DP-6/UP-4 Patents: United States No. 4,257,615, United Kingdom No- GB 2 035 656 B